A story of community

about the Northeast Candle Co.

The Northeast Candle Co. began in 2019 in the Northeastern section of Beaver County, Pennsylvania by Mark Miller.  

Mark is a teacher, coach, and business leader who champions education with practical job and career skills.

He himself, a life long learner, graduated  with degrees in psychology and business management from LaRoche University. Later he went on to complete his education degree at LaRoche. Since then, he completed his post-graduate work at The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business in Applied Mathematics and Analytics, and recently completed a study in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Luxury Brand Management at Università Bocconi in Milan, Italy. 


When he isn't teaching, coaching baseball, or working on business solutions, and being the brand developer at The Northeast Company (The Northeast Candle Co.'s parent company) he studies history and is currently studying the Latin language. 

"Hard work, dedication to community, and service to others in all that you do" was something his family instilled him.  He found this not only to be his family's culture but also to be part of the natural culture in the area where he grew up and has lived his entire life. "The people here give back in any way they can in with the blessings God has given them. That's what makes this area so special and a great place to call home." says Mark   

As a thank you to the area he has called home for over 40 years and the many neighbors, co-workers, and friends he considers family, he decided to name the company The Northeast Candle Company in honor of integrity all of these people hold and display to each other throughout good times and bad.


Melanie K

Melanie has been with The Northeast Candle Co. since the beginning.  She is the brains and genius behind all of our marketing, social media, and customer outreach.

Melanie is a senior in college studying Fashion Design. Her gift for design and art has allowed her to build a resume most seasoned professionals would covet.

She has worked in Texas and New York City as a result of her studies.  She currently fills the roll of Marketing and Social Media Director for The Northeast Candle Co. as well as a local fashion retail store, and works as an independent freelancer. 

Melanie is responsible for one of our fastest growing scents, Kid in a Candy Store soy candle. She also increased our online store traffic by 348% in one month alone! 

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